PRADCO Outdoor Brands opens new DC, corporate offices in Alabama

UntitledPRADCO Outdoor Brands, the world’s largest manufacturer of hunting and fishing products, has announced the opening of a centralized distribution center in Calera, Alabama. Distribution of all PRADCO Outdoor Brands’ products, including 21 brands under PRADCO Fishing, Moultrie cameras and feeders, Summit Treestands, Knight & Hale game calls, Code Blue scents and attractants, and Wingscapes cameras and bird feeders, will be moved to this new 263,000-square-foot  distribution center May 5.

“This is going to bring tremendous value and benefits to our customers,” said President Ron Ten Berge. “The opening of this state-of-the-art distribution center means one order, one shipment, one invoice for all our branded products to retailers worldwide.”

Ten Berge said manufacturing and operations will continue at two key locations,  Fort Smith, Arkansas (PRADCO Fishing) and Decatur, Alabama (Summit and Knight & Hale). Code Blue manufacturing will move to Fort Smith as part of the POB expansion. “We are very committed to U.S. manufacturing in Fort Smith, Arkansas and Decatur, Alabama,” Ten Berge added.

In addition to the consolidation of distribution for all PRADCO Outdoor Brands products, the company announced in conjunction, the opening of new corporate office in Birmingham.

“The senior leadership team will be joined by brand managers, marketing managers and support staff,” Ten Berge said. “We are excited about the opportunity not only to consolidate our management team, but also the ability to communicate and collaborate at a high level.” The benefit will be improved customer relations and corporate communication.

PRADCO Fishing management and key personnel will remain in Fort Smith, Arkansas. “We will continue to have a strong manufacturing footprint in Fort Smith,” said Bruce Stanton, General Manager and Vice President of PRADCO Fishing.  “We will also drive our research and development efforts here and continue to collaborate with POB headquarters to build world-class fishing brands.”